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transform the way your company sells

without compromising your purpose, people or profit.

Retain & Grow Business 
Deepen Client Relationships 
Sell with Integrity 
There is a monumental shift in customer expectations

People want more authentic connections

They want you to stop trying to 'sell them stuff' and start solving the problems that are getting in the way of their goals and dreams!
36% of customers believe their bank
is looking out for their financial well-being.

Source: CFSO Financial Health Network

Selling transactions is not going to cut it. You need to stand for more... for the sake of your clients and your financial sustainability.

Don't become another commoditized service.
Take your sales team and leaders from

Transactional Selling


Transformational Selling ™

Build confidence in your people, products and purpose.


Recession-Proof your Sales in 2023 with these 3 Skills


A Guide for Financial Professionals


Better Sales Results
for Teams and Leaders

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Leading Sales Expert
Finka Jerkovic

Where do you turn when you need to sell to succeed, but don’t feel successful, or comfortable, selling?

With 25 years’ sales experience in the financial world, a best-selling author, podcaster, and business development coach, Finka is an expert in shifting the sales mindset. Now she’s on a mission to teach financial sales teams and leaders how to shift from transactional to transformational selling, so they can retain and grow business, deepen client relationships, and sell with ease and integrity.

Backed by science, stories, statistics, and wisdom, Finka guides financial advisors, sales teams, and their companies to transform the way they sell, improving their results without compromising purpose, people, or profit.

Finka Jerkovic is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Fascinate Certified Advisor, and certified in Hardiness Resilience Gauge, EQ-I 2.0 and EQ 360 assessments. She holds a certificate in Mastering Sales program at Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management.


“Before I took the program, I was afraid to put myself out there. I feared having the pricing conversation and felt stuck in “yucky” mode when it came to selling. Today I focus on loving my offer and making it an extension of the impact I want to make, without feeling self-conscious about it. If you’re overthinking it, you’re doing yourself a disservice and wasting time and precious dollars! I wouldn’t waste one more hour and start selling from love now.”

Selling shouldn't be all about your rates for your team, your company or your clients.

Take your team
from Transactional to Transformational

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