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3 Reasons Why Listening is Hard.

3 Reasons Why Listening is Hard

Listening is underrated and undervalued. This is a problem because listening is the #1 skill clients are seeking from us.

In a recent LinkedIn study, they determined that even though it is the most important skill clients want, it ranks #7 in priority for characteristics managers seek when hiring.

So, what’s the disconnect? 

Why is something that is so important to our clients, not even making our top 3 skills list?

First, even though you may be actively listening, it’s not immediately visible. We value what we can see and hear. 

Second, listening doesn’t require you to ‘do’ anything. You’re not solving a problem or coming up with an idea. You’re just there, listening to what is being said and not said. We undervalue being present in the hear and now.

Finally, listening is a lagging indicator of success. Optimal outcomes are a result of how well you listen to others. Having restraint to hold back, self-awareness to manage the inner chatter, takes conscious work and effort that is invested in the long game.  We reward instant gratification, short sighted results, and transactional wins.

Choosing to make active listening a power skill in your sales and leadership efforts will be the wisest investment you can make.

Start now. 

Just listen.


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