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The 3 Value Propositions You are Always Selling.

There are three value propositions you are selling at any given time:

Venn Diagram (3)

1. Your Individual Value: What are the unique skills, expertise, personality traits, experience, you bring that now one else does? How do you sell, build relationships, and solve problems differently from others? When you know your individual value, you know how you deliver your what. Everyone does the ‘what’ – they sell mortgages, mutual funds and insurance, or courses, consulting, and advice.  But what everyone does differently is the ‘how’. How do you sell? How do you build relationships? How do you solve problems? How do you get results?  Your clients get your ‘what’ (products/ services) anywhere, but they can only get your ‘how’, through you. Don’t underestimate the significance of your individual value. It gives you confidence, but more importantly builds meaningful connections.

2. Your Clients Value: Personal branding does a disservice to clients. The act of building a personal brand is self-centric, focused on you the person building a personal brand. What personal branding gets wrong is who your personal brand is for. It’s not about you, it’s about how your personal brand helps your clients get more of what they want and need. Do your homework, know your value, but don’t get engulfed in this navel gazing activity. Instead plunge into your clients’ world to uncover what they value. They want you to help them solve their problems (because have many), achieve their goals (because they want stuff), figure out how to live by their values (because it’s so hard) and darn it, fulfill their dreams (because they don’t want regret).  Act as a sherpa and be a guide helping your clients trek through the terrain of option overwhelm, difficult decision making, and realizing the results they want and deserve.

3. Your Offer Value: Be it price, features, or benefits, your offer is likely being compared to the competition. The only way we know it is better, or different, is through contrast.  Your offer needs to be compared to something or someone. Thus, competition is a necessary evil for clients to understand the value your products and services bring to the table.  But there is a way to win in this fierce competitive landscape without price discounts or countless freebies.  It lies in your ability to convey with conviction the transformation, not the transaction you deliver.   Your goal is not to sell an offer. It’s to facilitate a transformation. Your clients are seeking a change and it’s through your transactional offer they get to realize on that change.  This conviction comes only when you discern who your clients will be, what they will get to do, and what they will have, because of doing business with you.  This is imperative work for you to withstand your competition, but more accurately, give your clients the confidence they need to choose.  

Now it’s over to you, what ‘value’ are you unclear with? What ‘value’ can you improve communicating on to your clients? What ‘value’ will help you sell more and make more?

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