How to Find Happiness at Work Again

Many people are feeling disconnected and disheartened at work.

You may be one of them.

You’re tired and looking for more.

You’re questioning if you should stay or if you should go.

You’re wondering how you could bring back that spark, connection, and enthusiasm you once had to your work.

I’d like to offer you an empowering idea to solve this challenge so that you can bring your best, add value to your team and clients, and walk away at the end of each day feeling fulfilled, knowing you made a difference.
How do you make this shift from asking to inviting? Let’s explore three different ways you could bring more ease, joy, and profit to your business by creating conditions for invitations to happen.

I’ve often wondered, had we really?

If the team really had the confidence, believed they earned the right, the natural effect would be to extend an invitation to a client or member to work together. If they had it all going on, and were the best thing since sliced bread, then why did they struggle asking for the business?

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