3 Trends in Financial Services to Retain your Competitive Edge.

Free info session that summarizes the research and suggests a way to flip distrust and rate conversations into loyalty and business growth opportunities.

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A 2020 Accenture study reveals that 2 years ago, only 43% of customers trusted their bank to look after their long-term financial wellbeing.

Today that number has dropped to 29%.

There’s a way to bring these customers in, prove that you offer value beyond a ‘best rate’, and build their trust and loyalty.

Join me for a free info session where I will share some current research and surprising customer insights.

“The Sell from Love course exceeded my expectations, in more ways than I can count. Finka brings knowledge, experience, grace and empathy, and takes the fear out of the intimidating notion of selling - especially for Highly Sensitive people, like myself. When I completed my first sale, I was proud, but the support and celebration from Finka and the entire SFL community was a testament to the 'all in' support I felt from the beginning of the program. The content is relevant, the tools are invaluable. During my time in the program, I delivered my first presentation that resulted in 3 sales, and this is just the start! My transformation came from the knowledge I acquired, but even more, from the confidence I gained.”

Louise Taylor, Brand and Marketing Strategist

“The value you will receive from the Sell From Love Academy is truly priceless. Regardless of if you are feeling stuck, know you have a great idea but haven't started building, need the final push to launch or if you are ready to revisit your offer and approach, you belong in the Sell From Love Academy. I walked in struggling with pulling my vision together and articulating the transformation I can provide. During my time in the program I secured an initial investor, gained commitment from contributing members, began to build a client list and booked 3 corporate engagements.”

Melissa Marcelissen, CEO and Founder Vision Leadership, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Strategist

“Fear, is an unknown. There is no reason to have it here, you will have no fear and clarity of who you are and who your clients want to work with when you're done.  I now know how to sell and brand me with confidence. I walked away with the mindset I need to achieve my big dream.”

Craig Lerch, Real Estate Broker and Agent

“Sign up now. If you have been struggling with vision, clarity, focus, the nitty-gritty details of your work, who your work is for, is this the work you really want to do, are you in the wrong seat, and so on, this is the program for you.

This program will help you get the RIGHT clients. It will help you be the RIGHT provider of your service. Sell from Love will help you develop the confidence to believe in yourself and what you are offering when you are on the right journey.”

Christi Ratcliff, Coach, Speaker and Founder of Christi Ratcliff Coaching.

“I'm walking away with the ability to make decisions easier because of clarity. I'm not wondering what content to make, how to make it etc. There's a knowing that wasn't there before. ​

If you're having trouble finding your place in this new normal chaos of online marketing and business, you need this.”

David Keesee, Author, Podcast, High Performance Coach

“During my time in the program, I was able to build and create new service offerings for my clients, secure speaking engagements and develop consistency in my business development approach.​
I walked away with a social media marketing habit, my corporate courage branding, the bold x brave webinar series and subsequent client engagements.​ I have a better grasp on the value I bring and my Brilliant Difference” ​

JeNae Johnson, Workplace Equity Strategist, Human Capital Consultant, Enterprise Change Specialist

Leading Sales Expert
Finka Jerkovic

Where do you turn when you need to sell to succeed, but don’t feel successful, or comfortable, selling?

With 25 years’ sales experience in the financial world, a best-selling author, podcaster, and business development coach, Finka is an expert in shifting the sales mindset. Now she’s on a mission to teach financial sales teams and leaders how to shift from transactional to transformational selling, so they can retain and grow business, deepen client relationships, and sell with ease and integrity.

Backed by science, stories, statistics, and wisdom, Finka guides financial advisors, sales teams, and their companies to transform the way they sell, improving their results without compromising purpose, people, or profit.

Finka Jerkovic is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Fascinate Certified Advisor, and certified in Hardiness Resilience Gauge, EQ-I 2.0 and EQ 360 assessments. She holds a certificate in Mastering Sales program at Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management.


If you’re seeing this dangerous shift in your FI’s customer engagement, loyalty and trust, this may have the perspective and answers you’ve been looking for!

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